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The Family history

The Huxley family have farmed at New House farm for three generations., it is a mixed beef and arable farm.   We have been rearing turkeys since the 1950's , when Dora Huxley went over to Canada and brought back the first bronze  broad breasted turkeys in to the UK.   Dora had free range breeding turkey hens in one of the fields and hatched out the turkey chicks, so turkeys have always been a part of New House Farm


Rachael Huxley

When Rachael married in to the Huxley family she started helping mum in law Dora and as time went on took over the running of the Christmas turkey business and expanded it by supplying more and more butchers.   She has been producing super quality turkeys for 30 years and now is very happy for her daughter Rosanna (Rosie) to be joining her.


Rosanna Wadlow

The next generation  Rosanna has been helping with the turkeys for as long as she can remember but this year is becoming a full time partner of  Huxley Turkeys.